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Capital share of total corporate-sector income, actual and counterfactual holding 1979 profit rate constant, 1979–2010

Source: Authors' analysis of data from Bureau of Economic Analysis National Income and Product Accounts (Table 1.14) and Fixed Assets Accounts (6.1)

Updated June 19, 2012

Documentation and methodology

Underlying data are from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, National Income and Product Accounts tables, Table 1.14, “Gross Value Added of Domestic Corporate Businesses in Current Dollars and Gross Value added of Nonfinancial Domestic Corporate Business in Current and Chained Dollars” and Fixed Assets Accounts tables, Table 6.1, “Current-Cost Net Stock of Private Fixed Assets by Industry Group and Legal Form of Organization.” For calculations of pretax and post-tax profit rate, see Table 2.12 notes.

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