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Earnings at the 10th percentile as a share of median worker earnings in selected OECD countries, late 2000s

Note: Earnings is generally defined as gross earnings (wages prior to tax deductions or adjustments) for full-time, full-year workers.

Source: Authors' analysis of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's Distribution of Gross Earnings metadata (data group labelled "late 2000s")

Updated July 10, 2012

Documentation and methodology

Underlying data are metadata from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Distribution of Gross Earnings of Full-time Employees and Gender Wage Gap database. Earnings for all countries are defined as gross earnings for full-time, full-year workers, with the exception of Denmark, which is for all workers, the Netherlands, which is for full time, full-year equivalent workers, and Switzerland, which is net earnings for full-time workers. The shares are earnings at the 10th percentile as a share of the median earnings in each country’s respective currency.

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