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Earnings at the 10th percentile in selected OECD countries relative to the United States, late 2000s

Note: Earnings is generally defined as gross earnings (wages prior to tax deductions or adjustments) for full-time, full-year workers.

Source: Authors' analysis of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's Distribution of Gross Earnings metadata (data group labelled "late 2000s")

Updated July 10, 2012

Documentation and methodology

Underlying data are metadata from the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development’s Distribution of Gross Earnings of Full-time Employees and Gender Wage Gap database. See note for Figure 7U on definition of earnings. Data for earnings at the 10th percentile are converted into weekly earnings and are then converted into equivalent U.S. dollars using a purchasing power parity index from the International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook Database. The figure shows the share of each country’s 10th percentile earnings relative to the 10th percentile earnings in the United States.

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