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Average household net worth, financial assets, and tangible assets, 1965–2012 (2011 dollars)

*Financial assets minus nonmortgage debt

**Housing and consumer durables minus home mortgages

Note: Data are quarterly and extend from the first quarter of 1965 to the first quarter of 2012. Shaded areas denote recessions.

Source: Authors' analysis of Federal Reserve Board (2012) and Current Population Survey/Housing Vacancy Survey, Historical Tables (Table 7)

Updated August 24, 2012

Documentation and methodology

Data for net worth and assets are from the Federal Reserve Board’s Flow of Funds data, Table B.100, “Balance Sheet of Households and Nonprofit Organizations.” The data were adjusted for inflation using the CPI-U-RS (Consumer Price Index Research Series Using Current Methods), and divided by the number of U.S. households based on Census Bureau data. The household data are from the Current Population Survey/Housing Vacancy Survey Historical Tables, Table 7, “Annual Estimates of the Housing Inventory: 1965 to Present” ( The number of “owner occupied” homes was taken as a percentage of “total occupied” homes to calculate a percentage of homeownership.


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